Surety Bonds

Hand Signing a Surety BondA Surety Bond is a three-party agreement whereby the surety guarantees to the obligee (the entity the guarantee is made to) that the principal (the contractor or manufacturer) is capable of performing the contract and/or bond obligation in accordance with the contract documents and/or obligation.

Here are the eight different families of surety bonds:

  1. License and Permit Bonds
  2. Contract Bonds (Bid and Pay/Performance Bonds)
  3. Notary Bonds
  4. Highway Permit Bonds
  5. Union Wage/Welfare Bonds
  6. ERISA Bonds
  7. Radiological Material Licensee Decommissioning Financial Assurance Bonds (USNRC and Agreement States)
  8. Closure/Post-Closure Bonds and other related Bonds (EPA and State EPA Agencies)
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January 27th, 2019 by VIP Risk Solutions, Inc.